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Dwyane Tyrone Wade Jr. is an American professional basketball player for the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association. He has established himself as one of the most well-known and popular players in the league. Dwyane wade was born in Chicago he lived a rough life mother was a drug addict he seen it all when he was a child he got a gun put to his head and all he been thru it all his sister had to lie to him because  he wanted him to go live with his dad so he can live better so she lied to him saying they where going to the zoo but she dropped him at his dads and she left him there for the better and his dad rasied him right he was a all american basketball player and all went to collage and when he got there his mom was out of jail she wanted to change and all for Dwyane and she did everything and Dwyane graduated from collage and made the NBA and he has had and outstanding career his in his 14th season and i look up to him so much because what been thru its some stuff that we have in common coming from Chicago and all this stuff never stopped him .

super bowl comercial

what the commercials be trying to tell all of us really is to buy there products! They do anything to try to put there stuff out there in trust me its smart that they well do anything so people can see what they putting out there. But mostly what the companies be doing is putting big things out there like cars and grown people. Yea they do be having other stuff for kids and teenagers but all mostly for adults. But the most things you see in commercials be the candy skittles,sneakers,any of the other stuff you can think about they mostly put those in the super bowl in they do this because people get hungry and there partying in places where you can buy this and its a way to promote there stuff to the people. If sometimes you look at it some of the commercials be random and dumb not always but it be mostly in the super bowl time. But my favorite super bowl comercial would be the baby players , and my second would be the one when there talking about all types of races and how we should not judge nobody for nothing because its not nice at all and how its a beautiful world and how every person is to in this earth, my 3rd one will be the skittles one the dude trying to get to talk to that girl and he throwing skittles up there and she catching them with her mouth and her family eating them with her and out of nowhere a beaver comes out those are my favorite out of all…

The Main words that are poping up in my football explain me the most, I play sports , I am funny im trying to become great at joliet west and im loving i care about others and a athlete im just amazing of what im blessed with and i fight thru all i been to all my life and i believe and everybody and myself.


Thanksgiving is really a normal day to my family we don’t really celebrate it. But we just stay home or sometimes go to my uncle house and be with them and eat Mexican food Its really not that big thing to us. But i will say that i am thankful for a lot of stuff that god has given me this year and the past years and i would like to start of with my family i still have them with me and that i get to wake up another day to see my family, And Im also thankful for being able to play sports and have a work ethic to be great everyday and not be average , And at last also that i have a roof and clothes and shoes and food everyday and that’s what Im thankful for thanks to god!!!!!!!!